Experiment on the Frog's Central Nervous System

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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 . Experiment upon the central Nervous System of the frog
No. Observations Normal Frog Spinal Frog Double Pithed Frog1 Position of  :
Body, forelimb and hindlimbNormal (facingforward)Both eyes werewidely open andlooking forward.It was in normalsitting position.The head was tilted tothe left.The left eye waspartially closed. Theright eye was open.The body was tilted tothe left in sittingposition.The head was facingdown.Both left and righteyes were closed.The appendageswere in fullextension and totallimpness.2 The up and downmovement of thefloor of the mouth.Respiration rateThe floor of themouth was movingin normal rhythm66 times / minuteThe floor of the mouthwas moving in aslower rhythm30 times / minuteThe floor of themouth was notmoving.-3 Maintenance of equilibriuma.  

Being placedon the table.b.
Being placedon thewooden boardmovedhorizontally.It immediatelycorrected its bodyand returned to thenormal position.It moved against thedirection of thewooden board.It corrected its bodyback to the normalposition.It slowly movedagainst the direction of the wooden board.It remained on itsdorsal recumbence.No corrective actiontook place.No movement wasobserved. c.

Being placedon the tiltedwoodenboard.It moved in theopposite directionof the woodenboard.It slowly moved in theopposite direction of the wooden board.No movement wasobserved.4 Muscle tensiona.  
Thigh andlower legmuscleb.
Extension of the leg.c.
Pinching of the toesThe extensor muscle was tense.The flexor musclewas tense.The frog retractedits feetimmediately.The extensor musclewas not as tense as thatof a normal frog.The flexor muscle wasnot as tense as that of anormal frog.The frog retracted itsfeet in a slower rate.The muscles wereflaccid.The muscles wereflaccid.No reaction wasobserved.5 Swimming motion It swam with thebreast strokemethod.It floated in water rather than swam, withbody slightly sank toits left.No movement wasobserved

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