Experiment - Do Colors Attract Heat?

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  • Published : March 24, 2011
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Do Colours Attract Heat?
To paint coke cans different colors and test which colours attract the most heat. Research:
After researching colours on the internet, I found that darker colours, like black or purple, should attract more heat than lighter colours such as pink or yellow. Hypothesis:
I predict that the darker colors, will attract more heat than the lighter colours because they will absorb the heat, instead of reflecting it. Equipment / Materials:
I will need the following:
7 coke cans.
7 different coloured spray paints.
A paintbrush.
A thermometer.
Pen and Paper to record results.
These are the steps I took in my experiment:
1.Find 7 coke cans with the same shape and volume.
2.Apply 2 coats of white oil paint.
3.Paint 6 of the cans different colours leaving the seventh white. 4.Fill the cans with water. And leave in a shaded place for 20 minutes. 5.Check temperature of water in each can. (Should be the same.) 6.Place all 7 cans in a row in a hot sunny spot.

7.Return in an hour and check the temperature of each can, record each temperature. 8.Return another hour later and repeat step 7.
9.Return 2 hours later and repeat step 7.
10.Find the increase in temperature for each can.
11.Empty each can and recycle them.
Photographs of Experiment:

The seven coke cans before they have been painted.

The seven coke cans after the 2 coats of white paint.

The 7 coloured coke cans drying.

The 7 coke cans filled with water 1 hour into experiment.

These are my results, all measurements are in degrees Celsius (°c ). Colour:Photo:Start: 12:30pm1 Hour:
1:30pm2 Hours:
2:30pm4 Hours:
White: 20°c 33°c35°c35°c15°c
Blue: 20°c36°c37°c35.5°c15.5°c
Yellow: 20°c33°c35.5°c35°c15°c
Pink: 20°c36°c37.5°c36°c16°c
Black: 20°c45.5°c46°c47°c...
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