Experiential Research

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Appendix B

Research Methods

List the advantages and disadvantages of the following research methods:

|Research Method |Advantages |Disadvantages | |Case Study |Case studies are easy to understand , |Results of case studies can be view as | | |offers support to theories or ideals, |biased; documentation is only done on the | | |documentation can provide information on |target behaviors. | | |single individuals. |Many times culture is not accounted in the | | | |study | |Correlational Method |Studies are broader and normally or large |A correlation of variable that offset each | | |groups. They allow predictable behaviors |other. However that one variable happens | | |offers ideals for different research. |because of another variable. | | | | | |Experimental Method |The opportunity to study new medicines, |Use people, unknown side effects, | | |which can help others. | |

I think when it comes to experiential methods I am against these studies. I once help created a residential program for adolescents. The residents that were placed in this unit, where labeled as high risk behaviors. The state had...
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