Experiencing the Teaching-Learning Process

Topics: Teacher, Education, Learning Pages: 11 (3556 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Looking Through the Meaningful Learning Experiences: The class that I have observed is a Special Science Class and has a teacher-centered principle in teaching- learning. First, the teacher reviewed the past lessons after that she discussed the lesson proper. The teacher explained what are the classifications of animals, then discussed her lesson and give examples. The instructional materials used in teaching were chalkboard, books, pocket chart and cartolina strips. They have charts that they may use in their lesson. I feel comfortable in the class that I was observed because of the lesson that teacher discussed. I see myself in front of the class and ask myself will my future students will listen to me someday, will my future students will behave in my class someday or will my future students will reflect with my lesson? I feel nervous but I feel the excitement to experience teaching. Mixture of feelings I experienced during my observations in this class. Learners’ Characteristics and Needs: The topic of the lesson I observed was classification of animals. The teacher is authoritarian, she directs the actions of the students, plans for them, set the limits on their behavior and consider them as passive receivers of instruction and information. But the strategy is effective because they behave well and participate well during the class discussion. The teacher explained her lesson by asking her students and giving more exercises. She cleared if there is anyone who doesn’t understand the lesson. The learning activities that she used in his lesson were the students answered the exercises on the board, participated on the lesson, wrote the lesson on their notebooks and listened well. The students were participated well in the class. The successful learner, instructional guidance, can create meaningful, coherent representations of knowledge. The learner can link new information with existing knowledge in meaningful ways. Students have different characteristics and needs. Knowledge widens and deepens as students continue to build links between new information and experiences and their existing knowledge base. Learners used strategic thinking in their approach to learning problem-solving and concept learning. Assisting Teacher with a “Teachers’ Toolbox” The topic of the lesson that I was observed in this episode was equations of the form ax + b= c. The learners participate in the learning activities by answering the exercises given by their teacher. The instructional materials employed were chalk and board and textbooks. The teacher considered her students’ style and students’ intelligences. We have to actively engage the learners in learning activities if we want them to learn what we intend to teach. We have to give our students opportunities to participate in classroom activities. We have to give varied activities to our students for “hands-on- minds-on” learning.

Ways of Maintaining a Healthy, Safe Learning Environment for Children

Creating a safe learning environment for students is a daunting task. Students not only need to feel physically safe in their school and classroom, but emotionally and intellectually safe as well. Students who feel safe and secure in their classroom are more likely to do well in school and graduate. Avoiding Accidents

* Designing a classroom and learning area that is environmentally safe should be relatively straight forward, and yet many dangers are easy to overlook until an accident occurs. The physical environment of the classroom depends on the age group being taught; educate yourself on the developmental abilities of your age group and plan accordingly. For example, sharp scissors are not appropriate in a preschool classroom, but are a necessity for the high school art room. Sharp utensils are necessary for a middle or high school biology class, but should be stored out of the way until...
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