Experiencing Cultural Shock

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Describe an experience of cultural different positive or negative you had or observed, what did you learn from it? Coming from Ethiopia to America, I experienced plenty cultural shocks. Clear examples would be the language and the education system. With these cultural shocks come decisions that have to be made. Now l that I live in the American society, it is difficult to choose which practice to live by because there are positives and negatives in both cultures. In Ethiopia, I only spoke Amharic (national language). I took English courses every year, but that was not enough to be able to speak fluently. Even though I knew some words it was difficult to communicate with my peers when I first moved to the United States. Not being able to speak English affected me negatively; I did not know how to have a conversation with people who only spoke English. People around me did not understand me because of the language shortage thus I had to express myself in different ways. The education system here in America is first off offers opportunities I could only dream off back in Ethiopia. Due to this reason alone, my parents wanted to move to the states in hopes of procuring a better life. Education in Ethiopia is hard; not because it’s rocket science but rather because of the lack of supplies. For example, physics class was taught solely on a theoretical basis whereas here in the USA, it is taught with plenty of demonstrations and lab. Due to that alone, it makes it a lot more difficult to understand the concepts, which could have been made simple. Once graduating from high school, in Ethiopia, the government decides your career path depending on your previous high school course work. The American education system has a positive influence on my life, providing me the freedom to study what I desire. The cultural differences between both Ethiopia and America can have a positive and negative affect on people, but what’s important is being level headed and weighing out the...
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