Experiences of Amerindians, African Slaves and East Indian Immigrants in the History of Trinidad

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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Compare and contrast the experience of the Amerindians, the African Slaves and the East Indian Immigrants in the History of Trinidad The Amerindians
Colonization, the process whereby sovereignty over the colony is claimed by the metropole, who impose a new government and a new social structure and economy or the process of territorial acquisition and settlement, was effected in Trinidad when Christopher Columbus “discovered” Trinidad in 1498. Columbus did not actually discover the country but in fact rediscovered Trinidad. When he actually came, Trinidad was already inhabited by indigenous people more commonly known as the Amerindians. These Amerindians consisted of many different groups but with reference to Trinidad, it consisted of the Tainos and the Kalinagos or the Arawaks and the Caribs. They occupied Trinidad 650 AD before Columbus’s arrival and Spain claimed Trinidad as a Spanish colony from then. The misconception they faced was that the Amerindian people did not have a right to own and control the island and that the colonization process would be easy. However, in spite of their limitations in technology the Amerindians fought a brave war against colonization and proved it impossible to subdue. One such person was a cacique by the name of Hyarima, a Nepoio chief from Arima. In theses struggles Amerindians fatalities were high. Thousands were killed. It was not until 1592 the Spaniards made permanent settlement. Despite the brave struggles against subjugation and domination, some indigenous people were either killed during war, died due to diseases or were subdued and forced to work on an encomienda system. Those who weren’t were either taken away to work as slaves in other Spanish Colonies’ some fled to bushes and formed maroons and some passed due to bad treatment and/or diseases. Those who didn’t were forced into a work system called an encomienda. The encomienda system established by Columbus in 1499 was supposed Christianize, clothe and pay wages...
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