Experience on Public Speaking

Topics: Glossophobia, Oratory, Public speaking Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: September 4, 2012
Public Speaking
August 30, 2012
Self-Reflection Speaking
When I think of the words “public speaking” I do not seem to get any nervous or anxious feelings in my mind. If someone were to come up to me and say you need to stand up in front of thousands of people and give a public speech, I would probably have a very nervous look of fear in my facial expressions. If I were to give a speech in public I think that I would be very nervous but I know that I would be surprised at how well I would do in front of a big group of people. I think that the most important element in giving a speech is figuring out and learning what the audience wants to hear, and what needs to be said in order to keep the audience involved and entertained. The only way to figure all this out is by observing and being a part of the audience. Once that is figured out it would be a lot easier to apply those principles to a public speaking situation. I have never given a speech in front of a big crowd of people but if I did my first step would be to prepare completely while gathering information about the material that I would need to cover. My next step would be to write my speech out completely and practice it in front of people that I am very comfortable with. If possible I would also make a power point or something with pictures in order to give my audience an entertaining visual aid. My strength about speaking in public would be my outgoing personality and ability to engage the crowd and make them laugh. I like to help people have a fun time instead of seeing tired, uninterested looks on their faces. My biggest weakness about speaking in front of people is that sometimes I think that I can be a little scatterbrain and probably jump from one subject to another a little too quickly for the people that are trying to follow along with me. I know that I could improve on not switching subjects and jumping around, and focus more on going in depth about whatever it is I...
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