Experience of Having a Baby

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  • Published: April 23, 2012
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The Experience Having a Baby

      The experience of having a baby was hardly any trip to the beach, but can be described as a wavelike effect.   The feelings and emotions came and went, for what felt like eternity. It all began the moment I found out that I was pregnant.   I had mixed feelings about having a baby because I felt I wasn’t ready and too young. I would soon learn that a baby would come whether I was ready or not. In the beginning I was sick for the first four months. I wasn’t able to eat anything. It was like my stomach refused everything I ingest and threw it back at me. I couldn’t brush my teeth, eat my favorite foods, I even felt sick to my stomach at the smell of certain people.   I literally had no energy to do anything. I was weak and became very grouchy.   A person cannot truly understand all that a woman endures having a baby, unless you experience it for yourself.

      My first doctor’s appointment was very captivating; I asked many questions and got a full preview of the feast that seemed too big for me to finish.   My doctor explained the process and stages of the pregnancy and what the start of labor would feel like. It all made sense once I reached my fifth month.   I started to feel movement in my pelvic area.   It felt like my skin was crawling and my organs were shifting positions.   It was strange and kind of exciting to know that what you are feeling is another human moving and existing inside of you. My hand stayed on my stomach all day hoping to feel this person I’ll soon meet. I got to know my baby before I met her.   I learned when the baby slept, when she was awake, what she liked and disliked.   I even was able to see my stomach shift and move from one side to the other. At times my stomach got hard when the baby was towards the front and soft when the baby was more towards my butt.   I began to urinate a lot. My bladder was a waterfall that flowed constantly.

      Every normal task became more uncomfortable. I...
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