Experience as a Writer

Topics: Writing, World War II, Paper Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: May 10, 2013
I guess you can say that my experience as a writer over the years has got better, and the reason why I say that is because I only remember writing 3 things. One was in my history class about either World War 2 or about the Slave Trade. At first it took me a few mins but I guess you can say that I was having trouble on how to put my words and information down on paper. I had to do some re-search on writing essays or papers, that way I could get the idea of how mine would look or turn out. Once I had that in order and had made my re-search I started reading some information about both of them, now my best class in school that I loved was history. I loved reading and watching videos on World War 2 and The Battle Of The Bulge, different things like that. So I had the idea of instead of writing about one why not write about both of them. So I began writing the best I could about both, carefully observing the way I write and how I put my words down. My history teacher gave us the subject on a friday afternoon and it was due the following Monday, so I had to buckle down over the weekend and write this paper. Even though writing is not my best I still manage to make it sound exactly how I think of it in my head. So instead of hanging out with my friends and having fun on the weekend I stayed inside and wrote my paper, because I wanted it to be the best paper the teacher had ever graded. Once I was finished with my paper I could finally take a big breath, I went to school that Monday praying that I would get good reviews from it and also a good grade. My feelings about writng different things like essays and papers honestly was not all that great, even though I tried my best I gave it all I got. One good experience I have had about writing is that you can learn so much from jotting things or ideas down and making them into either a paper or a book. A bad experience I have had from writing is trying to make my words say exactly what im writing about, I have had a few...
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