Experience as a Credit Suisse Operations (Settlements) Intern

Topics: Computer, Time, Intern Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: April 18, 2008
Being recruited as an intern at CS was something I was looking forward to. For one, I have always envisioned working in a bank upon graduation. Interning at CS was thus a big step towards fulfilling my goal. At the same time, it was a real test to determine if the notorious hours of banking would be suitable for me. All Credit Suisse interns were given a one day orientation on their first day of work. CS’s human resource manager, Carolyne Philips, gave a comprehensive overview of the organization, the behaviour expected of an intern, and the attitude to bring forth during the internship. We were briefed on the dress code suitable for CS’s corporate culture, (which was mainly business casual), and how to get the most out of this internship, (by asking questions to clear your doubts during appropriate times).

Upon the move to One Raffles Quay, it was all work proper. There was initially a steep learning curve. I was introduced to various computer systems that the settlements department used, namely RTE, POETSSAM, Swarm, MQS, MERVA and RATv2. Each of the systems mentioned perform different functions, and I was expected to learn their functions to aid me in my work.

At the settlements department, we are expected to liaise with other departments in order to get work done. For example, I have to pre-match transactions with external clients, confirm trade economics and settlement details with external counterparties, liaise with front and middle office to resolve any pricing or rate differences and communicate with the custodian to understand the current status of my trades. All the above entails navigating from one computer system to the next seamlessly in order to extract the exact trade information required of my work.

To add on to my initial clumsiness with the computer systems, I also had to make overseas phone calls and liaise with people of various nationalities, and in turn make myself understandable to them, different accents not withstanding. To be...
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