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  • Published : January 17, 2014
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The importance of remembering one’s past is significant due to the experiences, memories, and life lessons sought from one’s history. The past is filled with: historical events, recollections, feelings and emotions that develop a person into who they are. The difference between past and present are all that we choose to remember in-between. Further, that which controls your past will ultimately control your future. Hence it is notable to remember the past, because it was a time frame filled with ignorance, a period filled with things one doesn't know and yet to learn. The momentum of ones past is a chronological life story of all the significant events and memories formed.

The most significant event in my life began in the past, the moment where I moved into the dwelling lights of the city. Astounded by bright lights, crowded streets, and urban neighbourhoods. This perspective changing event led me to understand that where you are raised has an impact on who you are. Formerly, growing up in a small town where doors are left unlocked at night had no similar correlation to the fast paced lifestyle of the city. Nothing was relatable from what I had known. It was an entirely new introduction: new friends, new school, new house, all that made an entire new life. This led me to remember the importance of my past, what was previously my identity before no longer applied to me presently.

Henceforth, I reminisced all that was my life and how it had all become unobtainable from the past. All the adventures that took place in the windy streets and mountain guarded town. Moreover, the certainty of knowing your surroundings and the safety of being aware. A comfort zone I’ve grown accustomed too. I had grown to love living seclusively in the North.

The consequence of being in a new city led to my decision of taking advantage of being new. I was never use to being the centre of attention. Everyone was a known local commoner in my small town, but the sudden of...
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