Expectations vs Reality

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  • Published : September 27, 2011
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Fairy tales have given us so many ideas about how girls should be treated. How the boys are supposed to give them roses on Valentine’s Day, sing them to sleep every night, kiss them in the pouring rain. This has influenced girls everywhere to expect their boyfriends to do all these things, and more. And if they get disappointed, they complain, rant, cry, and become needy and clingy. Of course, no one would enjoy being with someone who does all that every time. But fear not, fellow women, because all hope is not lost. There are a few small adjustments we can make. Girls need to realize that boys need their own space sometimes. It wouldn’t be fair if you expected him to be there for you 24/7. It’s not like Disney where the prince would always be at the princess’s every beck and call. There are going to be times when he won’t be able to call or text on time, but that’s fine. Trust is, for most people, the most essential part of a relationship. So if you really trust him, then you shouldn’t jump to conclusions about what he’s doing. Boys will need their own space to be with his friends, or play video games. For them, it’s a social activity. They get to bond over Warcraft while trying to kill Golem or hunting down the Faceless Void. If you can’t learn to accept that, and ask him to choose between you and his games, it’s only going to lead to more arguments. And, it also is a plus for you, since you can hang out with your girl friends.

Don’t nag! Boys hate it when girls rant and complain. You’re wrong if you’re expecting him to humble himself while you berate him to no end. It’s an attack on his ego, so when there’s an issue you want to bring up, there are lots of ways to talk about it calmly, and have a discussion about it. Let him say his part.

Just as you’d want him to listen to you, you have to do the same for him. Cutting him off or interrupting him will hurt him more than you think; some guys will think you’re just not that interested in what they have to...
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