Expectations Violations Theory Paper

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Expectations Violations Theory Paper

The expectation that I violated was driving to slow on the freeway. I find it unreasonable for people to drive slowly on freeways if there is no traffic; I just find it rude because they are ruining the flow of traffic. I was on the 91 freeway heading home when I thought about the homework I had to do and came up with this idea. So I thought why not give it a try, I did by slowing down to a speed of 40 in the lane furthest left. People behind me were probably wondering why I was slowing down at first, but than I think they became pissed of because I continued on at that same pace for about 15 seconds or more. They changed lanes and gave me a strange look, one guy even gave me the middle finger, and after they did this they just simply cut me off and sped away. During the violation I felt stupid because cars were passing me up, and giving me strange looks and all probably cursing at me. I felt bad that people had to deal with that for like 15 seconds, but after that I just thought it was really funny because it was an assignment. Doing this violation was very strange because I am normally the guy to would yell at the person who is driving too slow, so it was a good feeling being on the other side of the story. I learned that maybe some slow drivers don’t realize people are telling them to drive faster because they are just too concentrated on the road ahead of them meanwhile I was trying to record people’s reactions. However if this were not and assignment and people were really doing this to me I would not continue to drive that slow I would change my habits. From EVT I learned that when you violate someone’s expectations it usually doesn’t end well at all. Violating expectations is not something anyone should try for fun. I also learned that before trying anything new anywhere you should see what people expect, for example in my scenario if the speed limit says 65 than you drive 65 or you will get...
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