Expectations for Enc1101

Topics: Writing, Writing process, Writing style Pages: 2 (870 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Expectations for ENC1101
English may not be one of my strongest areas of expertise, but with a little guidance I am positive that I have the potential to become a good writer. In ENC1101, I expect to grow as an English student. I want to gain experience, and have the knowledge in different areas of writing so I will be able to utilize the techniques I’ve learned and apply them to my life. I am certain that if I take the information I learn from this class and use it wisely, it will help me get ahead in the future. Building confidence, I think is one of the most important aspects in writing as well. I wish to become more comfortable in knowing I am capable of writing a good essay. Presenting ideas can sometimes be a challenge for me, and many times the ideas that I am trying to explain can come across as unclear to the reader. Developing the skills to present thoughts or ideas in a smooth and clear manner are essential and I expect to learn these techniques in the class so it will help me become a better writer. Even though these are just personal weaknesses, I would like to make aware that these are not the only areas I will be expecting to take from this class. Overall, what I expect from my ENC1101 English class is to learn about the writing process, how to write and distinguish between different types of essays and to improve vocabulary and grammar at a higher level. One of the things that I expect to learn in this class is to understand and know the steps in the writing process perfectly, in order to write a well organized paper. Some of the steps I would like to expand on are how to overcome writers block, organize my ideas, and learn the prewriting process including steps or techniques to help begin writing. Also, I expect to learn how to develop an appropriate thesis statement for essays and learn about which type of thesis statement I would need to use when writing a certain type of paper or essay. I would also like to refresh on how to develop...
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