Expectations: Airline and Virgin America

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Virgin America Airlines “Exceeding Expectations”
Virgin America is a service that has lived up to its propaganda and expectations in a positive viewpoint. When I first looked at the service of Virgin America I automatically set the bar high for the service without ever using it because of the brand’s name. The brand name “Virgin” speaks volumes just based off of the owner’s celeb status. The owner of Virgin America airlines, Sir Richard Brandsen, is known around the world as one of the top entrepreneurs. The three areas I will cover with the airline are the inflight service, overall customer service, and the comfort of flying with Virgin America. The brand Virgin is known, in banking, technology, entertainment, and etc. I think of luxury when I hear the name Virgin because all the other Virgin products are commendable, so when he launched Virgin America airlines, I was automatically awed me as a consumer. In my previous experiences with other commercial airlines, my standards for them were not as high as they were for Virgin America. When I first heard about Virgin America, I pictured affordable and comfortable with twist of modern luxury. When I fly with a commercial airline carrier I always look for great inflight service since that is where most of my time would be inside the aircraft. Inflight service is what goes on from the moment you board an aircraft. This was one service I was highly excited to experience from what I saw. I saw relaxation and home comfort at a reasonable rate. My inflight experience was amazing when I first boarded the aircraft the captain greeted me with the warmest smile ever, and then the flight attendants escorted me to my seat where they then assisted me with my bags. The crew made sure that everyone had something to drink before takeoff and showed every individual onboard how to operate the hands on touch screen monitors onboard the aircraft these small things made me really enjoy the inflight experience. Another thing that...
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