Expectation Essay

Topics: Final examination, Knowledge, Answer Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: June 28, 2012
First of all, as I know MIC 125 is about the study of organisms too small to be seen without magnification such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, algae, viruses and many more. In order to see it, we must use microscope in laboratory. For me this subject is quite hard but I will try to take a big effort on how to get a better grade for this subject. There are many types of effort that I can apply so that I can expect that I can get grade A for this subject.

The first effort that I will take to score on this subject is learn to love this subject. I will try to explore what we need to learn and master from this subject. I’m sure with the help from the lecturer it also makes me love this subject and I can score because the lecturer also play an important role. Therefore, I will pay my attention on this subject so I can understand this subject well.

Other than that, I also need to prepare earlier before go to the class. From now, I will try to manage my time properly so that I can get early preparation such as reading the coming up topic. Therefore, I can have the better understanding during the lecturer hour. If I still cannot understand, I will try to find other sources or by asking the lecturer.

Besides that, I may also try to do some past year question which I can download it from many sources such as internet and many more. By doing this past year question, we can see clearly the way on how to answer this subject and score it. We can also understand more about the type of question that will be coming out in final exam. We can also see the lecturer and get the consultant or advise about answering technique because the lecturer is the best person we can meet and they are the person who marking our examination paper.

Moreover, I can also join study group with my friends. I’m sure the power of study group can lead us to have better understanding on this subject. With this effort, it also can trigger my spirit to study this subject more. The help from the friend...
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