Expectancy Violation Theory

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Expectancy Violation Theory by Judee Burgoon

How do you suppose arousal manifests itself in conversations between teachers and students?


A present fragment of the Expectancy Violation Theory is the Existence of arousals or distractions to the recipients of a communication episode. And given this activity, I am explaining, to my extent gulp*, how an arousal manifests itself in a teacher-student conversation.

Arousals are these manifestations when violations are present in an on-going exchange of thoughts between two or more people; it has also been stated that Expectancy Violation Theory focuses mainly on non-verbal communication. Arousals are described in two forms namely the Physical and Cognitive.

Depict a classroom, where a student was asked to come for a consultation meeting concerning his grade. Unexpectedly, while the consultation is taking place, a student decided to touch the teacher in the shoulder while looking at his/her progress in the records, but in opposition to what the teacher has in mind, it’s one format of “invasion of personal space, or bubble” on the teacher’s perspective. An arousal would make known of itself in this conversation because of the unexpected turn of events, specifically the student’s moving-in-touching-the-teacher’s-shoulder-step, because the teacher is thinking inversely as the pupil, a physical arousal will immerge from the event and there will violation occur, following the next procedures, and then will EVT pronounce.

Another situation, concerning again the teacher and a student, where in the arousal-generator is the pupil, assume there’s a classroom once more, but this time, an everyday mobilization is going. The teacher discussing, students always doing their best to listen to what the teacher is speaking, etc. The teacher then wanted and decided to call a pupil to answer a certain question about their lesson, while requesting for the answer, the teacher then...
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