Expat's Perception of Pakistan

Topics: Pakistan, Debut albums, Cognition Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Here World can see Foreigner's speaking about Pakistan as they live here, sharing what they found on its beauty, rich colorful culture, technology revolution, infrastructure, hospitable Pakistanis & much more that they experience themselves while living here & sees which World Media don't show about Pakistan.

See what Expats say on the countless opportunities of work, new business & development in every field that lie here in Pakistan!!

Find what & why visitors/tourists from all over the World come here to enjoy their Holidays and discovers the heaven that is here with all lovely people, smiles, peace, safe open environment & lot lot more than that which comes on TV or which media cameras rarely record. It’s a country deemed as one of the most dangerous one in the world. You cant see Pakistan in a picture. You cant understand Pakistan in a video and u’ll never understand Pakistan from a book. You have to come in Pakistan and be in Pakistan and visit the Pakistani people and look feel and smell whats happening around here

Okay so tell me something, there is a certain perception attached to Pakistan through the media. There is a stigma attached to Pakistan that it is the world’s most dangerous country

What country are you native to, and/or other places you've lived? Why did you choose Pakistan, or what factors helped you to decide to choose Pakistan? What was the most difficult part of the transition?

What was the biggest mistake you made in the transition to living in Pakistan? What are your favorite activities that are available?
How easy has it been to make new friends in Pakistan?
Are there local customs that would make it difficult for foreigners to fit in? What are the top ten things you like about Pakistan?
What are the top ten things you DON'T like or find strange about Pakistan? Do you have any tips for people who are thinking about moving to Pakistan? When you walk the streets how do you ignore strangers staring at you constantly?
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