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Nowadays, with the globalization of markets and the huge expansion of global business, hiring an international employee has become a very important factor as it allows a company to diversify its profile. Different cultures and nationalities in a same working environment can create an interesting mixture of ideas and have the company produce something that stands out from its competitors. Indeed, expatriates give many advantages that local workers do not have. Expatriates also have advantages working abroad. Ranging from exploring new cultures to learning new ways of living, working abroad will give emigrant worker an interesting and enriching work experience and many other benefits but moreover a heightened sense of their own culture by constant comparison.

Depending on the country, hiring an expat can be more or less complicated provided the legislation. But expats give many advantages that local workers don’t. Indeed, expats are more affordable, more reliable, more flexible, more experienced and to top it all, qualified. Their qualifications abroad allow them to be good at problem solving and working around obstacles. Because they left their own country, they will be hardworking, loyal, friendly and they will interact well with others fast. They will give a foreign experience to the company and will mix skills acquired abroad versus skills acquired at home. Furthermore, they are committed to their work and to a long term employment. Indeed, expatriates are usually highly productive as they come with a real interest and commitment to live that role. Many expatriates are more dedicated to their jobs than native nationals who are more freely able to change jobs. (Liang, 2010)

Benefits do not go only in one way. For an expat, working in another country is an adventure, often even a challenge for most people. But this experience presents advantages and inconveniences. Working as an expatriate gives the opportunity to immerse thoroughly in a foreign...
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