Expansion Plans

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* Construction of Yoga, meditation and prayer hall with cultural activities to accommodate another 600 people which cost about Rs.1.00 crore (i.e. $ 2.00) lakhs. Dairy Farm:

The future plans of Dar-ul-Sukun reaches beyond the borders of religion, cast, color and creed. The had always perform to make its members self-sufficient, so that they can play a productive part in the society. The non-discriminatory attitude towards the society is a big example of promotion of humanity and brotherhood. They have always provided extension platform to build a community around shared values, interest and passion to bring change to the society. Dar-ul-Sukun has tirelessly strived for perfection. They look forward towards a bright future which is full of opportunities. The vision of the organization is to widely spread their idea of community service and to promote and implement their idea of social change throughout Pakistan. For Dar-ul-Sukun the future is not just confined to developing plans only, but they are the dream of our employees and beneficiaries. The management of the Dar-ul-Sukoon envision a hopeful and prosperous future by promoting the sense of responsibility and accountability and by encouraging good organizational practices within employees. They wants to differentiate itself from others by working more with confidence and by managing the consistency of values. Dar-ul-Sukun always tries to fulfill all its commitments towards its beneficiaries by providing them world class facilities and accomplishing all its projects on time. Ensure proper compliance

Focusing on the facilities of the old age home they want to make a unique retreat for our old members. In this nursing will be the most prioritized segment of all the services offered. The aim of the project is to provide the members with all the emotional psychological and where required medical support which will enable then to grow up as a competitive units of the society. It will help as a becon of light to integrate then in the society. Dar-ul-Sukun tend to provide the needy wuth better living conditions, proper education, good healthy food,clean drinking water and medical checkups.

Help children to stand up on their feet, secure their future and contribute ti the prosperity of the country.

It wishes to get feedback from the visitors and seek to initiate new programmes and changes suggested by the visitors.

Their mission is to empower the society as a whole by helping the challenged and special people by provin-ding then safe and trusted venue to come togather.

A new educational secondry education school will render the opportunity to expand this mission by providing designed up to the level of global non-governmental organization . New campaigns to raise funds .

In Quetta branch the ogganix=zation embark upon the construction of the Girls School from E

Need for diversification in serving other varied causes
Extending the patronage to the deprived to the fulliest possible extent through out Pakistan is their future idea.

The projects of Dar-ul-Sukun are aimed towards excellence in providing " feel like home" environment for its members by various means. They are against taking advantage of their members in any way. Their first step is to create awareness among the masses about the workings of the organization by different mediums such as presentations, talks, internet, magazines, films and various others so as people can understand the motive of the organization and it will help them in raising more funds to finance their upconning future plans.

Awareness (among masses)Rescue: saving the the categories of challenged people as much as possible, Like orphans, aged,widows,deserted, destitute and women, from ruining their lives and being exploited by the harsh segments of the society.Rehabilitation: Dar-ul-Sukun tries its best to...
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