Expanding Into Healthy Food Sector

Topics: Marketing, Snack food, Graphic design Pages: 9 (3013 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Executive Summary
This paper emphasizes on plan for a successful snack food brand in Malaysia who now want to expand into the healthy food market due to the changing preferences of its customers. This paper uses a wide range of media and IMC tools such as advertising, direct marketing, interactive marketing and personal selling also marketing strategy and positioning including the Unique selling proposition being “A healthy yet finger licking food for people who love food but love themselves too” is proposed in order to create a unique position and higher preference for brand in Malaysia. Along with a budget allocation being presented are the ways to control it given, for the successful implementation of the marketing plan for our local brand.

Executive Summary1
1.0 Situational analysis4
1.2 Weaknesses4
1.3 Opportunities4
1.4 Threats5
2.0 Target segments5
2.1 Age5
2.2 Life style5
2.3 Income level5
3.0 Marketing objectives6
3.1 Objective 1: Create popularity among target audience6
3.2 Objective 2: Achieve higher preference from target market6
3.3 Objective 3: Achieve higher sales through better and innovative advertising and promotions6
4.0 Marketing strategies7
4.1 Brand positioning7
4.2Marketing tools7
4.2.2 Direct marketingy7
4.2.3 Interactive marketing7
4.2.4 Personal selling8
4.3 Target8
4.4 Porters generic strategy recommendation for the client8
4.5 Ansoff's Growth Matrix9
5.0 Marketing Tactics10
5.1 Unique selling proposition10
5.2 Creative strategy10
6.0 Action and Time table11
6. 1Budgeting12
7.0 Evaluation and control13
8.0 References14

1.0 Situational analysis
Under the situational analysis will be given the SWOT analysis of the snack food brand whereby evaluating its internal and external environment will be given in detail covering government regulations, competitors analysis as it affects the performance of brand as no company can operate in isolation. 1.1 Strengths

Our brand has had some success in the snack food business, which dictates that they must have already established a brand name in local market this will make it easier to attract customers. Being in business since a long time also makes them financially capable of bearing the cost of investment that they will incur. The management knows the local market and the kind of taste they prefer. The brand can come up with yummy tasting foods in a healthy way and satisfy both the demands of the people healthy food that also tastes good. 1.2 Weaknesses

There are alot of healthy programmes and snack food companies in the market already who know what exactly are people buying this maybe a setback for our brand as it will launch its first healthy snackfood. Prior to this decision of shifting to healthy snackfood segment, the brand has to experience of dealing with snack food industry before, and the lack of experience, would cause it even hard for to come up with best products to attract customers. 1.3 Opportunities

Each and every one among the population changing the eating habits in Malaysia is the opportunity to gain for the brand, as they could benefit from not only increasing target market, but also from their loyal current customers of fast food brand to support them in such movement. Secondly the diversification of the expansion of product line into the healthy snack food segment should be seen as the opportunity for the company to grow and prosper with the right strategies and decisions. 1.4 Threats

The competitors are the biggest threat as there are a lot of products in the market already which are targeted at weight loss and healthy life style. It will take the brand sometime to become popular and compete with already successful brands. 2.0 Target segments

The target market for this marketing plan is fully focused on demographics: 2.1 Age
The first target segment for healthy snack food...
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