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January 24, 2013
Summary of the Book of Exodus

Most of the book of Exodus is about Moses and the Israelites; their trials with faith, slavery, being led from imprisonment out of Egypt followed by a life of being lost in the desert. Moses was the product of a decree put out by Pharaoh forcing all Israelites to kill their first born son. His mother refused to comply and sent Moses down the Nile River in a basket to be found by the Pharaohs daughter and raised as her own. As an adult he kills an Egyptian who was beating an Israelite. Moses then fleas to a city called Midian, marries a woman and starts a new life as a shepherd. He then is chosen by God to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and free them. After many miracles: His staff turned into a snake, the burning bush, parting of the Red Sea, and the presentation of the 10 Commandments on the mount, Moses finally delivers the Israelites from slavery. They wander in the desert for 40 years doubting God, Moses and themselves.

Moses is one of the first authentic hero’s in the Bible. He encounters all the usual trials a hero might in that day in time. He overcomes nervousness, conflict and stands up to Pharaoh ultimately freeing the slaves. He also has his own weapon, his miraculous staff. He parts the Red Sea, turns it into a snake, he turns water into blood, and also strikes a rock causing water to come out. On another level, one might associate his brother Aaron with a “side kick” as Aaron steps in at times to be a sort of spokesmen for Moses. It was said that Moses may have had some sort of speech impediment, in other words he had a stutter. So Aaron gave messages and interacted with the Israelites in place of Moses. Moses seems not only to be a traditional Hero, in the military and political sense, but in the religious sense as well. He shows himself to be the representative between God and the Israelites. Moses proves himself to God, when God wants to slay the Israelites because they are disobedient,...
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