Existential Therapy

Topics: Existential therapy, Psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy Pages: 7 (1625 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Theory Outline Project Assignment
Raymond McCall

March 28, 2013

Grand Canyon University PCN-500

Instructor: Gigi Sofia

Theory Outline

I. Theory: Person Centered Therapy
a. Key Concepts
i. A client can find away to resolve their issues when they make themselves aware. Some client result to faith to gain a sense of self direction. The client must figure out what he or she want to be verses what he or she is. During that time the client focus is on the present moment and the feeling that they are experiencing during that time.

b. Key Theorists
Rogers saw people in two different likenesses either good or healthy. He also viewed other human problem as things that were naturally intended such as mental illness, and criminality.

c. Appropriate Populations for the Theory
ii. This can be applied to group therapy as well as the individual. This type of therapy can also be used for crises intervention as well as; human relation training, community programs and martial therapy.

d. Inappropriate Populations for the Theory (Explain why.) iii. Clients that are dealing with psychoanalytical issue are in appropriate for this type of treatment because they are usually mandated by the court. Individuals such usually will refuse treatment because they are being forced with will cause problems with the therapist.

e. Therapist’s Role
iv. The role of the Therapist is to be an active listener and being there for the client. Do not alter attitude towards the client no matter what the choices may be. Attempt to see the Client life through his or her own eyes.

f. Client’s Role
v. The client must be willing to improve and be evaluated. Must be open to build a relation with the therapist

g. Theory Strengths
vi. The development of independence and learning how to cope with other around them and the people that they interact with in their daily lives.

h. Theory Limitations
vii. The lacks of the effects are not studied enough when compared to groups that can rationalize on their own. The inability of the therapist showing too much empathy which impairs challenges to the client.

i. Key Terms
viii. Congruence-matching your experience with your expression or your way of reacting. ix. Human psychology- therapy that encourage a person to be themselves fulfill their potential and express their freedom.

j. Is this Theory Research-based? Evidence-based? Justify your rationale.) i. It is researched based by Rogers from years of study from his clients. He developed the theory in the 1940’s based off client learning to become aware of themselves and gaining personal growth.

II. Theory: Existential Therapy
k. Key Concepts
x. Basic unity exit between the environments. Existential therapy suggest that the choices that we have are limited by certain circumstances and that this type of therapy reject indication of which our acts are determine. It promotes the awareness of the individual. It promotes that a person should experienced aloneness and that we have a need to feel the presence of another person is important.

l. Key Theorists
xi. Rollo May; whom thought of all humans as being complex with the will power to do good and bad. He express that people have disconnected from the world, others and themselves.

m. Appropriate Populations for the Theory
xii. This is appropriate for those that are verbal, communicative, and unafraid to deal with issues head-on. (Gladding, 2008, p. 357) a prime example is dealing with death and trying g to understand the meaning of life.

n. Inappropriate Populations for the Theory (Explain why.) xiii. This is inappropriate for the task or work groups that are involved with psycho-education. It is suggested that and individual be very mature, with life...
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