Existance of God

Topics: Teleological argument, God, Intelligent design Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Dakota Ostler
Professor Anderson
Philosophy 150
22 February, 2013
Teleological Argument: Existence of God
The teleological argument is one made for the existence of God. William Paley’s argument is based on the idea that the universe is too complicated to have been created by accident and so must have had a creator. This creator is assumed to be God, who has created the universe and all the parts in it serve a certain purpose. A close consideration of this argument will show that there are several problems with it. The first problem is based on the assumption that the universe has been designed because it is too complex not to have been intelligently designed. The problem is that the argument provides no evidence that suggests that a designer is more likely to produce something complicated rather than random creation. In short, if something complex and complicated is produced, why is it assumed that it must have created on purpose? In considering this, it seems just as likely that something could have been created by chance. The more improbable the specified complexity, the more improbable the god capable was designing it. This is especially true when it is considered that a creator is assumed to have some people in his likeness. If this were the case, one would expect that the creations of God would seem simple and natural to people. In the end, the argument reveals that complexity is not necessarily a sign that God must have created the universe, but more likely to be a sign that God did not create the universe. The argument that is perceived by most is actually an indication that the universe was created by some force that is not so logical, so it is not easily understood by people. The second problem with the teleological argument is based on the idea that design and purpose are linked. In Natural Theology, William Paley used the example of a watch to show how design and purpose are linked. He stated that a watch serves a specific purpose and has been...
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