Exim Bank

Topics: International trade, Export, Balance of trade Pages: 58 (15237 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Certificate I Declaration II Preface III Acknowledgement IV Contents Page no. 1. Introduction

1. Objectives 2 2. Source of data 2 3. Research Methodology 2

2. International Trade: Conceptual Framework
1. Meaning 4 2. Growth 4 3. Risk Involved 5 4. Certain concepts 7

3. Volume of India’s Foreign Trade
1. Global Majors 8 2. Laws governing India’s export & import trade 11

4. Apex Financial Institutions in India
1. EXIM Bank (Export Import Bank of India) 13 2. ECGC (Export Credit & Guarantee Corporation of India) 16

5. Exports & Import
1. Exports, Procedure & Finance 19 2. Import Procedure & Finance 36

6. Facilities provided by the Banks to Exporters & Importers 1. State Bank of India 46 2. Bank of Baroda 47 3. Punjab National Bank 48 4. Central Bank of India 49

7. A Case 50 8. Conclusion 54 9. Appendix & Annexure 55 10. Bibliography 56

Chapter No: 1
1.1 Objectives

The project was basically taken in accordance to my interest attached to the topic. The following objective mentioned below show the reasons for choosing the topic:

➢ To know the real role played by finance in International Trade. ➢ The reasons for which they require the finance.
➢ To know the facilities provided by the Financial Institution to them. ➢ Assistance rendered by the RBI and the Government in development of Indian Trade. ➢ To know the requisites for opting credit facilities from the financial institution.

1.2 Source of Data

The Data has been collected from various secondary sources. To know the theoretical matter attached to the topic text books have been referred. To know the latest statistics Newspaper and Internet has been referred. To receive practical knowledge visit also has been conducted. Assistance of Professionals was also taken to receive the documents and matter about the project.

1.3 Research Methodology

Research is a systematic quest for knowledge. The means, technique, frames and of reference by which a researcher carries out enquiry is known as “Methodology”. The method of research used in this project is deductive. Data in an...
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