Exercise vs Dieting

Topics: Nutrition, Personal life, Need Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: November 14, 2012
My objectives for taking this jazz class are to be able to be more flexible, and to be able to live a healthier life style by exercising regularly and changing my eating habits. I choose these 3 objectives because these are all able to be maintained once this class is over. Through the course of this class I plan to work on all 3 objectives habitually. I plan to set aside time in my schedule at least 4 times a week to dedicate to my objectives. I desire to have exercising a lifestyle instead of a chore and I realize the only way to achieve this is through habit. I plan to explore different kinds of exercising yoga, weigh training, dance warm ups, dance routines, running, walking, etc., my goal is to try all these things until I find out what works best for me. Just as learning styles there are fitness styles as well and everybody bodies adapt differently to certain thing and I hope to find out what my body accepts the most. With that I plan to change my eating habits, I have already accessed the problem which is I don’t eat regularly I eat like once a day and it usually a bag of chips and a bottle of fruit juice. I realize that by doing this I am depriving my body of nutrients that it needs for its everyday function of life. My body needs the protein, calcium, vitamin d, etc and I am not giving it to them and when I do it is diluted with unhealthy sugars and carbs. By the end of the semester with the lifestyle changes of course I want to at least lose 10 lbs. My last go is become flexible, it’s not as necessary I don’t need it to have a better life by it would be nice to be flexible as I once was if I want to get serious about dancing again.
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