Exercise vs. Diet Pills

Topics: Obesity, Weight loss, Physical exercise Pages: 4 (1324 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Exercise vs. Diet Pills
Sapphire Stafford
Matsu-Susitna College
PRPE 108 P34

Exercise vs. Diet Pills
Many Americans today are fighting obesity. They long for a quick fix, one that comes easy without pain and sweat. But for most that is not a possibility. There are many diet pills out on the market today that claim to melt the fat away, nothing has to change. You don’t have to diet, you don’t have to exercise, just take a pill and it all goes away. While there are many pills that seem to help lose weight, and help in the interim, it does not help in the aspect of health, wellness, and physical fitness, those of which are the roots of successful weight loss. Diet pills, although sound nice and appealing, are strictly Placebos. (pla-ce-bo, something of no intrinsic remedial value that is used to appease or reassure another.)(Fralax , 2012, 1. A.) It is understandable why diet pills are so successful in persuading people. It is possible to lose usually around ten pounds while taking a diet pill. Unfortunately that is also normal when a person first starts their weight-loss journey without pills. It is the pounds after that first ten pounds that are often the hardest to get rid of and the diet pills won’t touch. That is where the term placebo comes in. A diet pill is a pill that helps people feel like they are gaining ground and feel like they are in control of their weight-loss. The diet pill is a tool that mentally “reinforces an individual’s expectation to lose weight” (Fralax , 2012, 1. a.) When a weight-loss ad tells you that you don’t have to change your diet to lose weight, you can assure yourself, that pill will not work. As much as we as people love our food, hence the obesity, we must watch what we eat in order to make a change in the scale. While taking a diet pill, you might feel less hungry and notice you start losing weight. That is because weight loss pills are designed to suppress hunger, but weight loss will stop very...
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