Exercise Science Research on Coaching Strategies

Topics: Coaching, Coach, Leadership Pages: 4 (1041 words) Published: March 27, 2013
-Setting goals, building skills, and motivating athletes are all important in the role of a coach but what is also important is the role they play during the actual competition with their athletes -Plans formed in advance and executed are strategies where Tactics are competitive plans that are made in the moment e.g. shadowing behind the leader in a race and therefore reducing wind resistance only to take the lead in the last hundred meters Coaches can offer a number of resources including:

-adapting experience from similar situations from the past to the current competition that is happening -scouting the opponents in advance to discover weaknesses and develop strategies to exploit them -understanding the team’s strength or individual athletes, knowing what they can and cannot do NCCP

-NCCP stands for National Coaching Certification Program, and people interested in furthering their ability to coach athletes of all ages are able to participate. -Essentially the national standard for coaching in Canada, and coaches are required to have some degree of NCCP certification before they can work with athletes -NCCP instructions are availiable to coaches where it is delivered to them at 5 levels: Levels 1 – 3 are geared toward coaches in community, regional, and provincial sports levels 1. Theory: Courses involve covering basic principles of coaching, planning, sport safety, skill analysis, and leadership 2. Technical: Courses related to coaching a specific sport, including drills, rules, equipment, training methods, and preparation for that sport 3. Practical: provides instruction on the “hands on” approach and provides coaches with input on how effective they are at working with athletes Levels 4 and 5 are far more advanced: Designed for coaches at international/national level to coach high performance athletes. To get level 4 certification, coaches must complete 12 out of 20 tasks. To get level 5 certification, remaining tasks must be...
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