Exercise Research Paper

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Exercise Research Paper

Exercise is a very important part of a person’s lifestyle. It effects vary from your physical appearance, your body type, to your relationship with nutrition, your cholesterol, hypertension, heart diseases, and your immune system. The type of exercise that is done affects what part of your body that you exercise, and the duration as well as if it is done in the correct sequence varies the results. In the human body there are three muscle groups. The smooth muscle covers organs such as the spleen, liver, etc. The cardiac muscles are the muscles within your heart. The skeletal muscles are the muscles that allow for movement. There are many different exercises that can be done, each one working out something different in the body. All exercises should be comprised of a warm up period, a comprehensive exercise period (main workout), and a cool down period. The warm up should consist of 5-10 minutes of a mixture of stretching and low cardio exercise. For the comprehensive exercise period there should be about an hour of more intense cardio followed by if wanted a 30 minute weight training period. Finally there should be a 5-10 minute cool down period consisting of light cardio followed by stretching. The length of your exercise routine creates the type of workout you receive. A longer work makes you tired, when you are tired your muscles have to work harder and that is when you truly get your workout. There are three body types that humans are classified into. Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorphs. Each body type is different in structure. Ectomorphs tend to have narrow shoulders, thin narrow faces with high foreheads, thin narrow chests and abdomens, thin arms and legs, and little body fat. Mesomorphs have large heads, broad shoulders, narrow waists, tending to have muscular bodies with strong forearms and thighs. They have very little body fat, and are genetically gifted tending to become body builders. They have long torsos, full chest,...