Exercise Lab

Topics: Oxygen, Pulse, Heart Pages: 4 (1256 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Bio Lab: The Effect of Exercise on The Respiratory and Circulatory Systems Ellie Cookson


2. As the graphs show, both breathing rates and pulse rates spike significantly between the resting rates and immediately after exercise. Average breathing rates went from 26.7 breaths/min at sitting rate to 46.4 breaths/min during or immediately after exercise. Pulse rates also increased quite dramatically, going from an average of 65 beats/min at rest rate to an average of 100.3 beats/min after exercise. As the participant exercised for a longer period of time, a change in skin colouration was noticed. Faces flushed to a pink colour at first and then progressed into a darker red as exercise continued. It was also noted that at first, or in early parts of the exercise, there was generally no flushing or perspiration but as time increased, flushing would start and perspiration would start to appear of foreheads, upper lips, back of necks etc. This is because at the beginning of the exercise, the body has not yet heated up that much but as the length of exercise time increased, the body temperature did too, causing the body to initiate flushing and sweating mechanisms to cool body down. After exercise ended, breathing rates decreased quite rapidly, going from 46 breaths/min to 34 after one minute. Graph 1 shows that it took about 3-4 minutes for breathing rates to return to resting rate. Pulse rates however, took longer to return to resting rate: around 9-8 minutes. As time after exercise increased, flushing of the skin reduced and the perspiration stopped.

Application Questions:

1. The resting pulse and breathing rate is used as a control variable to compare results against. Since the resting rates are what people are at usually, it is easier to see the differences between when one is at rest and when one is exercising. If we didn’t take results at sitting rate, we could not see the difference exercise makes to breathing rate and pulse...
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