Exercise and Obesity

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Expository Essay: Pre-Writing Worksheet

Before you begin any writing assignment, it is often necessary to complete several “pre-writing” activities. This worksheet will assist you with several of the pre-writing activities necessary for completing your expository essay including selecting a topic, developing a thesis statement, and identifying the audience for you essay. Follow the instructions to complete these pre-writing activities.

Choose a Topic

Here is a list of possible essay topics to use for your expository essay.

Please choose only one topic. You will indicate the topic you have chosen within the table below.

Video games AND violence

Internet AND workplace

Exercise AND obesity

Academic achievement AND library

Read the Module 1 lecture and review “The Writing Process” media piece.

Be sure to read your Module 1 lecture and review the “The Writing Process” media piece for instructions on how to develop a thesis statement and how to identify your audience. You will need to know how to do this in order to complete the table below and successfully begin your writing process.

“The Writing Process”


“Who is the audience?”

“How should I brainstorm?” (Because you are required to choose your topic from the list above, not all brainstorming examples will be pertinent to this assignment. When reviewing the “Brainstorming Examples”, “Break Down Topic” may be a good one to start with. However, be sure to review them all to determine which works best for you.)

“How do I develop a thesis?”

“How do I organize my brainstorm into an online?” (You will complete this in Module 4)

Complete the following table as demonstrated in the “Example Student Response” below. Submit this completed worksheet to the Expository Essay: Pre-Writing Worksheet drop box by the end of Day 7 of Module 1.

|Criteria |Example Student Response |Example Instructor Feedback |Your Response |Instructor Feedback | |Choose a Topic |Adults and Online Learning |Great choice! |Exercise and Obesity | | |You must choose a topic from| | | | | |the list provided above. | | | | | |Develop a Thesis Statement |Earning a degree online is great |You have a good start, but you|Lack of exercise, and| | |Brainstorming may assist |for working adults. |can improve your thesis |the amount of time | | |with this. | |statement by explaining why |students and adults | | | | |earning a degree online is |in American spend | | | | |great and making it more |watching television | | | | |specific. Try finding |has had a direct | | | | |resources that explain why and|impact upon the | | | | |this will support your |number of overweight | | | | |thoughts and allow you to |and obese children in| | | | |expand your thesis statement. |the USA. | | | | |Refer...
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