Exercise and Obesity

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  • Published : December 23, 2012
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Stephanie Owens
UNV 104
July 20, 2012
Kevin Salcido

Exercise and Obesity
Making the decision to exercise can be life changing. There are different kinds of programs that will benefit to stay in shape. By doing these programs everyone can rest assure that they will become fit and healthy. Working out and eating healthy will benefit the lifestyles for everyone and everyone will win. It is important that children and adults exercise everyday so that they can stay in shape and not become obese. This essay will address unhealthy eating, goals for exercising and benefits of eating and exercising. Overweight and obesity have increased over the years. The foods eaten away from home have really played a factor in why Americans are obese these days. What I mean by that is McDonalds has small, medium, and large value meals for everyone to choose from. It is not so much what we eat it is how much of what we eat. We should be making sure that we are eating our daily doses of fruits, vegetables, breads, grains, and dairy. In today’s society, people spend too much money on food outside of the home. (Young, 2007.) People need to be sure that they are eating at home and getting in all of the vegetables, fruits, bread, grains, and dairy products with every meal. It is not what they eat but how much of it they take in. To stay healthy, people should exercise, refrain from smoking and drinking, and watch what they eat. Managing “their health habits, people can live longer and rest assure that they will have healthier lives”. (Bandura, 2005, p. 245). Health habits are not changed by an act of will. Self-management requires the exercise of motivational and self-regulatory skills. Self-regulation models differ somewhat in particulars but they are rooted in three generic sub functions. These include self- monitoring of health-related behavior and the social and cognitive conditions under which one engages in it; adoption of goals to guide one’s efforts and...
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