Exercise and Fitness Levels

Topics: Exercise, Physical exercise, Health club Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Student Name: Angelina Sciscio
You can help improve your performance in physical activities by improving specific areas of skill related fitness. Please define a measurable physical activity goal related to a specific area of skill related fitness you would like to improve that relates to improving your performance in a specific activity.

Goal: I aspire to improve my stork stance no later than December 10th 2012. Date/ Warm- up / Physical Activity / Intensity / Cool-Down / Minutes 12/1/2012 / Yoga/ Running/ Medium/ Yoga/ 135 minutes

12/2/2012 / Stretching/ Elliptical/ Light/ Yoga/ 132 minutes 12/4/2012 / Yoga/ Running/ High/ Stretches/ 84 minutes
12/6/2012/ Yoga/ Elliptical/ Medium/ Stretches/ 65 minutes
Total of minutes: 416 minutes
Did your workouts impact your skill related fitness levels? Why or why not? Yes, they impacted my skill related fitness levels by how my balance for my stork stance improved. Did your workouts impact your health related fitness levels? Why or why not? Yes, because the stretching helped my joints and the yoga helped relax me more. What additional activities could you include in your workouts each week to improve your health related fitness levels? I could do more muscle workout to improve my strength and endurance. What additional activities could you include in your workout routine to improve your skill related fitness levels? I could add tennis to my workout routine, or just do more off the wall drills because my coordination isn’t that good either. Describe a physical activity or sport you have never done that you would like to try one day. Identify at least one element of skill related fitness that is important to being successful in this activity. Explain how you could improve in at least one skill area relevant to the activity you choose. I’ve always wanted to try hockey, I think it would help in all of my elements for skill-related fitness. I should improve my a little bit more first. Describe a physical activity...
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