Exemplification Writing

Topics: Santa Claus, Lie, Easter Bunny Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Luke Ilteris
English 105-51
Mr. Donald Burke
Exemplification Writing

As a child you are taught to always tell the truth, but sometimes lying can be justified. There are many instances in when lying may be ok, especially if it is just a “little white lie.” Many times you lie to spare someone’s feelings. For example, if your wife asks if she looks fat in something, if you think she does and you tell her yes, you are going to hurt her feelings. And she will probably not speak to you for a week. If someone has just got their hair cut and you think they look ridiculous, you are not going to tell them that, because you would make them feel badly about the way they look. Sometimes you need to lie in order to not get in trouble and it doesn’t hurt anyone else. For instance, if you you’re your wife you’d be home by 9, and don’t get home until 11. It’s a lot easier to say you got stuck in traffic, rather than had a beer with friends. She won’t get hurt and it avoids a fight. Another example, when you are a teenager and you stay out late, you try to sneak it without getting caught. If your parents ask what time you get home, you lie and say 10 o’clock so you don’t get grounded for staying out past curfew. It is also justifiable to lie if you are in fear of being harmed. For instance, if you are being robbed and someone asks you a question that answering truthfully would get you harmed, then you are absolutely justified to lie. Also, if you are afraid of heights, you may pretend to be busy the weekend your friends are going sky-diving. On occasion it is acceptable to lie to a child. Specifically if that child asks you if there is such thing as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. You do not want to be the one to ruin a childhood by telling them the truth. Also, there are some scary things in life that children don’t need to know about yet. So you are lying to protect your child. Lying may not always be the right thing to do, but at times it is the best....
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