Exemplification Essay

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  • Published : October 9, 2011
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Rhetorical Strategy: Exemplification Essay
Until recently Atlanta was the perfect vacation “fun” spot, but my mind quickly changed in July of this year when I visited Florida. I was blown away from the various different things you can do and see; starting from the zoos, straight to the water parks, Broadway shows and theme parks. This amazed me because each of them caters to all age groups of children and adults which make it perfect for anyone to attend. When in Florida there is no doubt that you would be bored. It is an extremely fun place to take a vacation.

For starters if you love animals then visiting these few zoos on your vacation is a must. “Brevard zoo” is located in Melbourne and consists of animals like giraffes, cheetahs and jaguars. Then you have “Butterfly World” located in Coconut Creek. It is full of butterflies. It’s a zoo to come to for relaxation and to free the mind. The most fun of all is “Lion Country Safari” located in Palm Beach. They have every type of lion there is and they can be fed by anyone! The water parks are the talk of the century. In Tampa there is “Adventure Island” which consists of gift shops and surfing. If someone just wants to relax, they can check out there all-day dining deal, to sit down and have lunch. Then there is “Wild Waters” located in Ocala. This has tunnel slides, bumper boats and much more. Also they hold parties and have awesome group deals. Lastly, located in Riviera Beach is “Rapids Water Park”. Racing downhill on your stomach on the long slides or even jumping on the rafts to play a game of rapid racers is awesome. There are many things to do at these large water parks.

Certainly, you would never be able to resist Florida’s amazing Broadway shows. “The Adams family” is a very interesting Broadway show to view and it’s guaranteed you would fall in love with it. Everyone loves the lion king, so why not check out this Broadway show near you! It consist of people dressed up in your favorite lion king...
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