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  • Published : September 11, 2011
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Television effect on the Youth
In many homes today, a television is the first thing you will notice after getting to a house, even the poorest have been able to acquire a set especially due to emergence of cheaper models. Therefore, today it is almost everyone who has been to enjoy programs that are aired by various television stations. The problem has now arisen due to exposure of youth and children to adult and violent programs. Most young people nowadays spend most their time watching television to the extent that they now have become coach potatoes. They now know many things that they are not supposed to know at their age. They can remember almost everything that a specific program airs, but they have a problem comprehending even simple learning activities in schools. Television has had a negative impact on many children and youths. Television has made many youths to be dull especially in class work. Many youths spend most of their time watching television rather than reading. Reading has now become a difficult endeavor for the youth, as they prefer to watch rather than read. Reading can help children to learn better so that they can have a better life in the future. Even when handling their assignment, they do it while still watching television, which considerably reduces their concentration. I have seen it with my brother who after schools rushes to his usual place and he immediately become engrossed to the television program that is being aired. It takes a lot of convincing to make him to start doing his homework, which he does reluctantly while, still watching ‘his programs’. To him the television is his world and reading is boring as that is how he usually describes it. This will definitely slow his learning since reading stimulates the brain more than watching. Watching does not require a lot of thinking and concentration compared to reading, which one must have an attentive mind to understand the concept. This will therefore lead to more people with...
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