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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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The Day I Learned a Lesson
On April 26th 2002, I learned a big lesson which I will never forget in my life. It was a normal day at the house; my little brother and I were playing and running around as brothers do. My mum was busy doing her weekend cleaning. She wasn’t paying attention to Sean and me as we continued to argue and play. Soon we realized that mum was too busy to notice what my brother and I were up to. So we decided to throw football which was never allowed in the house, I would soon discover why my mum had this rule. My brother and I started throwing the football, cutting corners, and jumping over obstacles that happened to be in the way, we were having fun all the while my mum was busy cleaning the bird cages she never even knew. As we were playing, my brother threw the football so high; I jumped over the dining table to catch the ball. The next thing I knew I was falling to the ground, blood was everywhere. All I could do was cry and hold my foot I wasn’t really sure what had happened. My mum came and wrapped my foot up as she said “you’re very lucky that you didn’t lose your toe!” then we headed the emergency room. The pain was so unbearable! When we got to the emergency room, my mum went to the desk to sign me in. I decided to look at my toe, it was barely hanging on; I could even see the bone! Hour after hour passed as we waited to the doctor, it almost seemed like an eternity, then, finally the called my name to a small privacy room. In fact the doctor took care of me and gave me some pain killers. Later I discovered why mum had that rule not to throw football in the house. I really learned a lesson that day. Also I advise my little brother to put a stop to it.
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