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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Luke Brockway
English Comp 1
Professor Tedesco
America’s Pastime
There is no question that in American society baseball is America’s pastime. There aren’t many people who truly understand the meaning of a good game of baseball, and for those who do it’s a thing of beauty. There is a certain type of thrill people get from watching two rival teams duel it out from the first pitch to the last. Most American’s and sports critics would argue that football has taken over the pastime role other than baseball, but for those who admire the game like me would strongly disagree.

Baseball is a thing of beauty in my eyes, it’s something I cherish and hold near and dear to my heart. Baseball for me is more than a passion; it’s a way of life. So when I hear that people don’t really understand or think baseball is boring I just sort of laugh it off or just simply disregard the previous statement that came out of their mouth. I have a few really good friends at Hudson Valley that are all about baseball just like I am, and they all truly understand the game and respect it like I do. There is no simple way of trying to argue your point to someone who has never played baseball or to someone that tried for a few years but quit because they thought it was boring and had no meaning. Baseball is by far the farthest thing from being boring or having no meaning. Baseball takes patience and a very high degree of skill. Baseball is by far the hardest sport to play, and that is coming not only from me but from Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. Michael Jordan also played a few years of professional baseball with the Chicago White Sox at the end of his career with the Chicago Bulls. For me, hearing that statement is a blessing almost, because the best basketball player to ever live is telling how from both of his experiences in the professional leagues, baseball was easily the harder of the two. The reason baseball is so difficult...
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