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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Failure to keep their mouth shut has gotten people into trouble
Some people tend to say remarks sometimes that they have no business saying, or they just intend to cause drama between individuals, unaware they can put themselves into trouble. When an incident occurs when someone said something about someone else and the remark was false or embarrassing; the root of the rumor gets confronted and looks lost like he/she didn’t know what he/she said. Sometimes people should keep their mouths shut rather than cause conflicts.

People should keep their mouths shut sometimes because they can be causing a problem with the wrong person. Keta is a young woman who finds excitement in making other people’s lives miserable. One chilly, fall morning keta decided to call her ex-boyfriend, knowing he is in a new relationship with a baby on the way. King picks up the phone and says “hello, who is this?” Keta replies “it’s me, your one and only love.” King baffled on the other line looks at his girlfriend lying next to him in the bed and then says, “Who?” Keta replies “me keta”; at this point dynasty is now waking up and looks at King and says “good morning ba...Who are you talking to this early?” King has a confused look on his face and doesn’t reply, so dynasty snatches the phone from king and says with a mean tone of voice “who is this?” Keta begins laughing and responds “kings woman”. Dynasty is furious and starts thinking about what should she do about this situation because she doesn’t want to lose king to another woman being that he is the father of her baby. Dynasty quickly gets dressed and leaves to get in her car and drive around for a while to clear her mind. Dynasty then goes to the grocery store to pick up a few groceries and while she is walking she hears a guy in the next aisle call out “keta”; dynasty curious at this point stands still for a while to hear this keta voice if it matched the voice that she was on the phone with earlier in the morning. A female voice responds “hey honey, how are you doing?” dynasty stands still with her eyes wide open saying to herself “that’s her”. At this point dynasty doesn’t know how to act or what she should say; dynasty begins to follow the voice till she sees her and then continues to follow her out the store still thinking to herself how should I approach her, dynasty confused watches keta get into her car and dynasty did the same and began following behind her completing on how to act; so many emotions are running through dynasty head but anger is conquering all the feelings. Keta pulls up at a house and gets out the car and walks in the house, dynasty sits in her car and scopes out the scene to see if she is in the house by herself. While dynasty is sitting in the car she is getting even more upset thinking about the fact that this girl may be sleeping with my man and she has the audacity to call him knowing we are together and still has no respect for that. Dynasty says to herself “no one will come between me and my family” and she reaches for the gun in her glove compartment and puts it in her purse and then walks to the door and rings the doorbell. Keta answers the door and says “can I help you?” dynasty stands still shocked looking into the woman face that is trying to come between her family and doesn’t respond and keta begins laughing and says “hello are you deaf or blind”. Dynasty thinks to herself that’s is that annoying laugh that was on the phone with her earlier; dynasty now thinking out of spite reaches for the gun in her purse and shoots keta in the head right between her eyes.

People should keep their mouths shut because sometimes people fail to realize that as much as information they have on someone, someone else will probably have the same amount on them or even more. Morgan and Eboni were best friends from elementary school all the way up to college they were always together; they knew everything about each other. Morgan was the type of girl that people called a...
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