Exemplary Crisis Communication Management

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  • Published : April 1, 2011
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Group Assignment
Section No – 01

Submitted By Submitted To Name – Md. Adnan Hossain Afnan Ahmed
ID No – 082246030 Lecturer Name – Md. Abdul Malek North South University ID No- 082679030

Date- 22.06.2010
Case 01 –
Arthur Eisenberg and Cap Pannell seemed to have the perfect partnership. They achieved huge success due to their individual skills. They created a successful firm called Eisenberg/Pannell/St.George. Sales began to soar; revenues rose 50 % in 2 years, pushing the two million dollars mark; a national magazine praised their work. However beside the scene resentment was building between Arthur & Cap. The two partners had never really discussed what each wanted from their business venture. Arthur was dedicated to his work on the other hand Cap was pretty much family centered. Arthur wanted Cap to work all night long. But Arthur refused as he had a baby. Cap and his wife started coming office with their baby Ben. This incident make Arthur furious but he didn’t discuss it with them instead he complained to other employees. The crisis occurred when cap and his wife return from a vacation. Arthur asked them into his office and told them that he would like to discontinue the relationship. Cap left the office in silence and collected his belonging. Cap still bitter, says , “The business always did well. I don’t even know the real reason we split up. I really can’t forgive him right now in my heart.” For this part, Arthur insists, “ If Cap & I were at a party, we would shake hands, and talk about old times….. I think Cap was as unhappy I was. He probably out of the situation, too… I wish I knew what he felt.”

The communication barriers that Arthur Eisenberg & Cap Pannell faces in this situation are such as difference in perception, differing emotional states, lack of commitment etc. When they were...
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