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Exodus chapter 32 through 34 is a very key aspect in the Old Testament. The passage covers a lot about Gods emotions, his mercy, grace, and forgiveness. Not only does it portray who God is but it also portrays who we are as God’s people. Throughout bible class this semester we learned how to observe, interpret, analyze and apply the bible into our own lives. Through doing this we are able to understand the bible more completely and see it from a different angle. In this paper I would like to show how the bible can be interpreted in many different ways using different techniques and ways of analyzing it. There are many benefits from deeply analyzing the bible, such as being able to apply what you learned into your daily life, understanding the bible on a deeper level, and ultimately being able to grasp the origin and meaning behind that passage. Exodus 32 through 34 is a very important passage. The passage discusses who God’s people are, this is very important because it will later help with the “application” step in the process of understanding this particular passage and analyzing it. The passage also discusses who God is. In this passage it shows the many faces of God, such as anger, wrath, forgiveness, love, just, and mercy. God is able to portray so many of his emotions in this single passage because he ultimately loves his people. The beginning of the passage discusses God’s people falling into sin by worshiping false idols, next God shows is anger and wrath towards his people because God becomes jealous. Lastly God shows mercy, forgiveness and justice by giving his people a new coveanant and law to follow and abide by. God wants to have a relationship with his people so he forgives them rather than demolishing them out of frustration even though his people are a “stiff necked people”. This passage greatly affects Exodus as a whole because it shows gods patience with his people. God rescued his people from the hands of pharaoh and wanted to guide them to the promise land, but instead his people were unwilling and complained too much. It would have taken only 11 days to get from Egypt into the promise land, but it ultimately ended up taking 40 years. That alone shows God’s patients with his people, but this particular passage shows God’s dedication and willingness to be faithful to his people. In this passage God portrays his jealousy to his people, but he still forgives them and is patient with them. Instead of destroying people God is just and righteous, God, gives them a covenant and a new law. He loves them and forgives them even though they have sinned greatly.

Repetitive-Progressive Texture in Exodus 32-34
Throughout this passage there are many occurrences of different words and phrases. The words each have different meanings that represent patterns, characters, and elements the author finds important. * Lord

* Characters: Moses/Aaron
* Places: Egypt/ land
* Idols: gods/ calf /gold
* Tablets
* Sin
* Wrath
* Command
* Covenant
Throughout the passage a major word that shows up is idols and gods. In this particular passage in Exodus the author really focuses on the peoples sinful nature of worshiping false gods and idols.

Exodus 32:1-2| Moses| Aaron| gods| | land| Egypt| | | gold| | Lord| | | Exodus 32: 3-4| | Aaron| | | land| Egypt| | | gold| calf| | | | Exodus 32:5-6| | Aaron| | | | | | | | | Lord| | | Exodus 32: 7-8| Moses| | gods| | land| Egypt| | | | calf| Lord| | | Exodus 32: 9-10| | | | wrath| | | | | | | | | | Exodus 32: 11-12| Moses| | | wrath| | Egypt| | | | | Lord| | | Exodus 32: 13-14| | | | | | | | | | | Lord| | | Exodus 32: 15-16| Moses| | | | | Egypt| tablets| | | | Lord| | | Exodus 32: 17-18| Moses| | | | | | tablets| | | | | | | Exodus 32: 19-20| Moses| | | | | | tablets| | | calf| | | | Exodus...
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