Executives Perspective on Management

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Management According to a Manager / an Executives Perspective List of Managers / Executives
No| Name| Gender| Organization| Position| Educational Background| 1| Meor Muhammad Meor Omar Baki| Male| OCBC Al-Amin Wangsamaju Branch| Consumer Business Head| Bachelor| 2| Abdul Syatar bin Abdul Halim| Male| Setiawangsa Branch Office of City Hall of KL| Branch Manager| Bachelor in Management| 3| Salina| Female| Maybank Wangsamaju Branch| Manager| Diploma in Accounting| 4| Mohi Uddin| Male | Pearl of the East Foundation| Chairman| Bachelor in Human Science| 5| Sheikh Akhter Uddin Akhmed| Male | NBL Money Transfer Sdn Bhd| CEO| Master in Accounting| 6| Dato’ Hj Zulkafli B. Maulud| Male | Smart Boro Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.| Advisor| Master in Education| 7| Mohd Kamal Bin Khalid| Male | SKA Hoses| Manager| Diploma in Electrical Engineering| 8| Saiful Amri| Male | MyMYDIN Bukit Kuda| Branch In Charged (Management Trainee)| Diploma in IT| 9| Zuhairi Johar Bin Saedin| Male | MBSA| Administrative Officer Department of Solid Waste| Bac. Hon. in Town and Regional Planning| 10| Raden Mochamad Arizona| Male | Petronas Caligari| Senior Geoscientist| Bachelor in Geological Engineering| 11| Andarini Nurul H| Female| Titian Foundation| (Former) Scholarship Manager| Bachelor in Civil Engineering| 12| Asri Nuraeni| Female| Forum Indonesia Muda| Recruitment Manager| Bachelor in Communication | 13| Safaris| Male | San Fransisco Coffee Sdn. Bhd.| Supervisor| -| 14| Azian Dahalin| Female| Pinang Kafe| Manager| SPM| 15| Siva| Female| Runners Feet Sports| Business Dev Manager| Diploma in Computers Studies|

What Manager Say
Q1 | Describe your perceptions (thoughts, attitudes) of the word “management” before you first studied a course in Management? According to Meor Muhammad, he in opinion that the word management is more toward on organization with control and managing as a whole. He though that only manager who need it and only involve the process of controlling the company resources such as subordinates, customer and so on. According to Abdul Syatar, his opinion toward management itself is involved in both public and private sector. Both sectors need to have knowledge about how to allocate resources in order to achieve their goal – public sector: meet the public need, private sector: maximize profit. This kind of knowledge which relate to resource allocation can be gain in management course which is inside the “organizing” chapter. According to Salina, before taking the management course, she thinks that management only involve in a big company which have the position of the manager and only related to organization work which the management use to make sure the efficient and the effectiveness of the company. According to Mohi Uddin, before starting in management, he thought that management control everything in organization. According to Sheikh Akhter Uddin Akhmed, he thought that management means managing some works and controlling some person who working under him. According to Dato Zulkafli, he didn’t think are recognize any managerial functions if a company or workstation are small. According to Mohd Kamal, when he heard about management for the first time, what he sees is about business but it is not limited to business only, it is just what comes out from his mind when he heard the word management itself for the first time. He gets a clear picture, that management is about how to handling business smoothly. According to Saiful Amri, everything in this world is all about management, always gyrating in management axis. It does not matter what platform, what domain and what field, it is all about management. Even sleep is about management. How we manage our sleep, how much time we provide for sleep, what time we are going to wake up. It is all in domain of management. For Zuhairi Johar, it is a way how to manage one...
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