Executive Summary on Childhood Obesity

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Executive Summary on Childhood Obesity
Wilma J. Barboza - RN, BSN
February 3, 2013
Executive Summary on Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity is one of the root causes affecting millions of young population today. The health effects related to Childhood Obesity are devastating. At least 70% of obese children between the age groups of 5 to 17 suffer from at least one cardiovascular disease (CDC – 2012). Obese children are prone to pre-diabetic conditions with continued risk of progressive diabetes. However, it is possible to reverse this epidemic if all the healthcare organizations, schools, and communities work together aggressively by formulating a program that promotes strategies and methodologies in battling childhood obesity. These programs educate and assist communities in promoting eating right, exercising, and outdoor activities for living healthy lifestyle. Healthcare organizations, communities, and both private as well as public sectors need to step up in battling childhood obesity (Abigail Arons, Jan 2011). However, such special programs cost significant amount of money, resources, and time. Purpose of the Project

The name of the project I recommend within my organization is “Weigh to Live”. The purpose of this project “Weigh to Live” is in conjunction with healthy eating and exercise programs that kids enjoy to address existing growing concern pertaining to childhood obesity through exercise plans and nutritional education. This program covers portion control plans, interpretation of labels, substituting to low calorie food from high calorie food, consequences of fast food, reducing stress, eating fruits and vegetables, and parenting tips. In addition children watch DVD video on food pyramid and detailed interpretation of the video contents. Participation in lessons, activities, application of ideas and discussions will be presented for developing technical, social, and leadership skills towards becoming healthier adults...
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