Executive Summary on Apple

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Executive Summary on Apple


Executive Summary on Apple

In today’s digital global network of financial accounting, information and communication are the effective and valuable traits, which help business professionals to flourish in one’s career. Organizations require that employees portray top notch accounting skills to ensure that both the individual and employer are success in business. In nearly all areas of the business world[pic][pic]communication1 image by Andrey Kiselev from Fotolia.cocommunication1 image by Andrey Kiselev from Fotolia.comGood communication is essential for building rapport with clients.c7c785a5-bc47-695e-06fc-81159576fd4a300400, establishing a level of familiarity and trust with clients, coworkers, stakeholders, and competitors begins with the art of effective accounting; and the skills involved help to cultivate a healthy bond of trust and a profitable business relationship for both parties. One who has mastered the art of accounting understands that the skills involved rely on internal and external accounting practices to be effective. In the day-to-day activities of business, external users are about mirroring the financial body language, demonstrate actively listening, and possess managerial accounting skills with other individuals who are engaged in the financial reviews of a corporation. This is an excellent way to establish creditability with other people and close deals in this ever-evolving financial marketplace (Powell, 2010). Internal accounting allows one to resolve conflict with a network of managers inside the company, in a tactful and professional manner. This form of accounting helps resolve issues and prevents a rippling effect in a corporate environment, which relies heavily on good communication skills between management and employees; lessoning the amount of miscommunication in the work environment and creating a positive atmosphere for all. The increasing and ever-changing complexity in a workplace environment makes accounting the center piece and key essential for an organization’s success, and is a crucial link between the core functions, which relates to the daily operations of any company. Without effective accounting within the workplace it would be impractical to exchange information, build trust, encourage understanding, and establish a level of commitment between groups, or promote positive employee for their performances.

I. Company History
II. Audit Firm
III. Stock Exchange and cash equivalents
Company History
The Company’s history dates back to April 1, 1976, when founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs developed the first Apple computer in their garage. Apple was incorporated in the state of California on January 3, 1977, as was not considered a threat to PC giant IBM. Apple’s first logo was designed by Ron Wayne and showed a picture of Sir Isaac Newton sitting beneath the famous Apple tree, thinking about gravity.  The Company’s internal codenames have always been a part of the myth of Apple, and what started as a nickname during the1980 project with the organization eventually became an essential part of Apple's security measures. The organization always considered the security threat involved leaking out information to the general public on upcoming products (especially specs), and developed products codenames to minimized the possible damage. Often the products bore multiple codenames, for internal and external uses (e.g. when talking to developers), ensure confusion for individuals who had unauthorized knowledge about a particular product. Audit Firm

Effective February 26, 2009, Apple's independent registered public accounting firm Ernst & Young LLP became the designated firm to handle the company’s accounts. Well known in the market, Ernest & Young have been in business for since 1894, and has established a sound reputation throughout the years (Ernest & Young, 2010). Stock Exchange and Cash...
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