Executive Summary: How Hr Makes a Company Money

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Executive Summary

How HR Helps the Company Make Money:
Republic National Distributing Company of Kentucky

Lindsay Blume (leblum01@louisville.edu)
Management 305-02
Fall 2007

November 29, 2007
Introduction The purpose of this summary is to show how the human resources function helps the company make money. To support this basis, I interviewed Paula Boston on November 28, 2007. Mrs. Boston is the Human Resources and Payroll Administrator at Republic National Distributing Company of Kentucky. She has worked there for a little over a year now. Before she worked with Republic, she worked as the Human Resources Director at Swan Financial Corporation for 6 years and has spent over 14 years in the field of Human Resources. Republic National Distributing Company is the second largest distributor of wine and spirits in the U.S., with operations in 17 states and in the District of Columbia. In total, Republic National Distributing Company employs over 5,000 individuals nationwide.

How HR Helps Republic National Make Money: Key Points

Mrs. Boston referred to several different ways that HR helps Republic make money, including recruiting, employee selection, enforcing company policies, compensation & benefits, and training & development.

• Recruiting.There are multiple different positions at Republic that range from entry-level warehouse workers to upper management employees. Because of the wide range of jobs to fill, a few different methods are required to recruit and hire for these positions. When an upper level position opens, Ms Boston prefers to promote from within. The time and money that is involved in hiring a new recruit is unnecessary when qualified people are willing to be promoted. For the entry-level jobs, new hires are brought in through newspaper ads and Internet job search companies. Republic also has a referral program. If a current employee refers a new hire, they receive a $90 bonus after a 90-day period in which the new employee...
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