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  • Published : August 7, 2012
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Executive Summery

This internship report covers a brief of general activities of Asiatc MCL along with one of its most successful project, the well known reality show Lux Channel-i Superstar.

Two of the top-most brands in Bangladesh, Lux and Channel-i, has come together to create the most aspirational and exciting brand of activities for the young women of Bangladesh. Formally named as Lux Channel-i Superstar, and lovingly known as LCSS, a TV extravaganza is a contest and a show all wrapped into an annual happening for the young women of Bangladesh to look forward to.

LCSS is not just a talent hunt program or a beauty pageant. It also is the first reality show in Bangladesh, and a showcase of creative entertainment centered on beauty and playfulness. It looks for women who believe in the magic in them and is ready to come forward in media for at least three months of grueling contest that finds the spark in them and grooms it to the highest level of excellence. In the three years of its existence LCSS has brought forward some of the best young talents and freshest of beautiful faces in Bangladesh media.

I tried to study the viewers’ attitude towards this reality show through using questionnaire to survey, then statistical software (SPSS) to analyze the responses. After analyzing the numerical data, I simplified the findings into descriptive statements.

Some key findings are : Females tend to watch this show more than males, students and housewives are the larger part of the viewers of this show, this show is watched mostly by younger generation, most of the viewers are satisfied with the selection process of the contestants, the viewers think that fixing an age limit might reduce the chances to find the real superstar, almost all the respondents think that educational qualification is a necessary part of a contestant’s overall qualification and without it the judgment can be uneven, respondents are convinced that Lux Channel-i Superstar is...
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