Executive Summary: Coffee Grounds

Topics: Soil, Coffee, Nitrogen Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Coffee grounds can be used in numerous ways but the most logical ones are as fertilizer and soil enhancer. Many ways have been used to enrich different types of soils as well as for different gardening plants in specified measure. Being acidic, the coffee grounds are almost neutral with a Ph of 6.5 to 6.8. Having approximately 20:1 of C/N over and above a Nitrogen source, coffee grounds are considered to be exceptional in composting. In addition to providing important minerals in the soil like Phosphorus and Potassium coffee grounds improve soil texture and structure. Coffee grounds can be used in farming in the following ways

• Acidifying and enriching soils in citrus orchards because trees like oranges do well in acidic soil.

• Coffee grounds can be used as mulch in vegetable gardens especially in the growing of tomatoes and carrots for soil restructuring and water retention ability.

• When mixed with water to for a Nitrogen rich fertilizer, coffee grounds can be used to grow large health grass fields for fodder production as well as revitalizing lawns.

• The coffee grounds used as fertilizer have also been proven to improve quality and yields in growing grapevines and blueberry bushes.

• Roses, Camellias and azaleas are some of the flower plants that can be grown using coffee grounds as fertilizer to maximize greenhouse horticultural production.

• Freshly collected coffee grounds can be used to grow gourmet mushrooms after which the fully composted coffee grounds can be sold to farms and parks.

The world produces approximately 7, 658, 780 tons of coffee annually which produces about 5.6 million tons of coffee grounds which are readily available for free collection.

On the other hand, coffee grounds can be used or recycled into several useful products one of the most illogical being making weaker coffee using recycled coffee grounds. Fresh coffee has many benefits to the body which the body fails to get in full...
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