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Full Summary of “Who Moved my Cheese”
“Who Moved My Cheese” is a great short story written by Spencer Johnson.  This story is a great representation of how change is you everyday life occurs and how it should be dealt with.  Sometimes there is no way around change and in the end change could be better.  This story has four characters that travel through a maze in pursuit of cheese every day.  They cheese that they are pursuing could stand for anything that someone wants in life. This could range from many things.  Most would consider the cheese as you job but it could be a range of many different things. The cheese could be your faith, family, friends, lover, sports or even passion.  Everyone has the desire to be happy and the cheese is your happiness.  If give you the security and comfort.  Without cheese many people would be lost.  This is why the cheese or anything in life that makes you happy is something that you value the most.  The maze in the story represents the path you take to find your “cheese.” It is compared to a maze because a maze is a very mysterious place.  There are very many dead ends that may make you feel like you have been working for nothing.  Also a maze has a number of corners that you never know what is around the other side.  These mysteries can make is hard for someone to leave their comfort zone when they have found their cheese or whatever makes them happy. This is a story about change and explains very well how many people are scared or intimidated even by the word change.  Many people become comfortable in their everyday life.  People become comfortable in their hobbies, diet, exercise, and most importantly their job.  This is not necessarily a good thing.  Some type of change is good and sometimes there no way to get around change and without it you may be left behind in your many daily activities, especially your job. In short a static human being who does not strive for a change may never enjoy any significant progress in his or her life whether at work or in a bigger society. Introduction:

This story involves four characters who search through a maze for cheese.  The four characters include two mice that are name Sniff and Scurry.  The other two characters who are two little people that are the same size as the mice are. Their names were Hem and Haw.  They may be the same size as the mice but they look and act just like humans in today’s world.  The cheese that the mice and little people search for is basically the metaphor for what people want in life.  This could range from a job, a relationship, spiritual peace, physical activities or even hobbies.  This “cheese” can become very addictive and if we are not too careful, we could become attached.  The maze represents where you spend your time looking for the cheese. This could be the business you work for, you community you live in or even yours friendships/relationships.

The Beginning:
The two mice and little people had a very different idea of how the cheese should be found.  The only thing they did similar was waking up early and leaving their homes in the maze to search for cheese.  The two mice, Sniff and Scurry, had a very different approach in finding their cheese then Hem and Haw, the two little people.  The main difference being that Sniff and Scurry would use their good instincts to find their cheese.  Sniff and Scurry used the simple trial and error method for finding cheese.  They were never afraid to explore new places and new areas even though they many dark corners and blind alleys where they could easily get lost.  The two mice were basically like bumper cars.  They were always...
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