Executive Summary

Topics: Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Dr Pepper, High-fructose corn syrup Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: February 2, 2013
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Executive summary: Dr Pepper Snapple Group

DPS is a major beverage company with an integrated business model including brand ownership,bottling, and distribution of nonalcoholic beverages in the United States,Canada and Mexico.Company consits of flavored (non-cola) corbonated soft drinks and noncarbonated beverages like mixers,juice drinks, and redy-to-drink teas and juices. The company is rulled by the president and the CEO Larry Young,chief financial officer martin Ellen and president of packaged beverages Rodger I.Collins. Wayne Sanders`s responsibility is to manage the business affairs of the company ,including the regular evaluation of strategic direction ,policies and procedures, and tp management . it must ensure that the company `s managers act in the best interests of the company and its stakeholders and maintain a high level of ethical conduct. Larry Young, President and CEO of Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. (DPS) seemed to be on a roll. He was Named 2010 Beverage Executive of the Year by Beverage Industry Magazine. Nevertheless, sales volume for the brand increased for 10 percent. The original Dr Pepper soft drink was invented in 1985 by a young pharmacist named Charles Alderton. He began with doing a lot of experiments and mixing recipes and soon discovered a drink that was liked by everyone. As demand grew, Alderton and Morrison brought in a third partner to help with the manufacturing and bottling of this popular soft drink. Their company has become on of the largest beverage manufacturers in North America. DPS`s parent company is Cadbury Schweppes which was emerged in 1969. Management team of DPS has concentrated on strategy development and implementation, 6 specific strategies were established to fulfill this strategy direction. The key for implementing each of these strategies has been a focus on marketing, they made a focus on advertising as well. Mr Young believed that consumers are tired of colas,...
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