Executive Summary

Topics: Bank, Interest, Debt Pages: 27 (8724 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Executive Summary
NCCBL bears a unique history of its own. The organization started its journey in the financial sector of the country as an investment company from 25th November 1985. NCCBL is a banking company registered under the Company Act 1913. The aim of the company was to mobilize resources & invest them in such way so as to develop countries Industrial & Trade Sector & playing a catalyst role in the capital market as well. Its membership with the Stock Exchange helped the company to a great extent in this regard. The investment company operated up to 1992 with 16 branches & thereafter, with the permission of the Central Bank Was converted into a fully fledged private commercial Bank in 1993 with paid up capital of Tk.39.00 crore to serve the nation firm a broader platform. Now NCCBL Established 80 branches so far to provide financing, investment, counseling, underwriting among guarantee, portfolio management etc. along with traditional banking. Since its inception the bank has acquired commendable reputation by providing sincere personalized service to its customers in a technology based environment. The Bank has set up a new standard in financing in the Industrial Trade & Foreign Exchange business. Its various deposits & credit products have also attracted the clients both corporate & individuals who fell comfort in doing business with the Bank. NCCBL is a highly capitalized new generation bank with an authorized capital of the bank is now TK. 5000 million. The bank raised its paid up capital from Tk1, 201.79 million during the year 2005 to Tk. 2,248.90 million during the year 2009. With the increase of paid up capital to Tk. 5000 million the capital base of the bank has become strong. NCCBL is now positioned to best suit the financial needs of its customers & them partners of progress. In the 1st chapter At first I have mentioned the main reason for preparing this report after that I have give an idea about role of bank in one countries economy. The main objective of the study is to develop an insight of e-banking & SME prospect of the bank to identify the internet banking system & loan facilities of the NCC Bank Limited. In scope it seems that the report is based on NCC Bank’s e-banking & SME sectors. In preparing this report various limitations are faced the major was restriction in collecting internal information and the way of using various information source for preparing this report also mentioned. 2nd chapter provides an over view of NCC Bank Limited. It is arranged in a manner that will give a sequential idea of NCC Bank’s background, organization, mission, vision, goals and objectives, information, values also the product and services of NCC Bank Limited. It incorporates the discussion on different departments of the bank and the products and services offered by the NCC Bank Limited. Where it’s found that NCC Bank always thinks to provide high quality products and services to the customers. 3rd chapter deals with the main topics of the report the E-banking & SME services of NCC Bank Limited. Here the different service of e- banking provided by the bank are ATM, debit card, credit card, online banking, visa card their services & facilities interest. SME financing provides the definition, growth rate, interest, characteristics, objectives of SME, background of SME, supportive side by the Bangladesh Bank & whether SME are good or bad are describe here. 4th chapter contains the discussion of SME financing of the NCC Bank which means the impact of SME in GDP. The targeted people, criteria for loans their purposes & modes. The security, interest charged by the bank.  The difference between the SME & other banking services. Loan monitoring actions. Distribution of loans and advances & their types of NCC Bank Limited .The types of loans & advances include Continuous Loan, Term Loan, and Demand Loan & Loan under SME. Their processing...
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